Soccer eyeQ Developing Vision & Awareness Vol. 2

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Coach your Players to Develop Game
Awareness, Anticipation & Decision Making,
On and Off the Ball, Through
Innovative Training Techniques

The Practices in this Digital Video will help your
Players see more, Think Quicker and Play Better!

Dear fellow Coach,

The much anticipated follow up to the hugely successful Soccer eyeQ Developing Vision & Awareness Volume 1 Digital Video is now available with volume 2.

Volume 2 contains a further selection of drills, dynamic exercises and opposed practices, with progressions, that can be adapted for players of all abilities. Each exercise is introduced with a micro demo and highlights a number of key coaching points.

The Digital Video has been filmed in conjunction with the Irish FA, and is currently supplied as a resource on their UEFA A Licence courses.

This unique coaching Digital Video offers you an insight to training methods previously only available on the highest coaching awards in Europe, and at the elite levels of the game.

In soccer, almost everything players do and almost every decision they make is because of what they see - and the sooner a player sees something, the quicker they can act.

Improving a players "field vision", the awareness of everything around them, will help th em become a much more dynamic and effective player.

For any player to be successful the ability to play with their head up, scan the field of play and continuously assess the "game picture" is essential. Therefore, it is crucial that we develop these attributes during our coaching sessions.

Soccer eyeQ presents a range of inovative execises which train and develop the essential skills and habits required for expert field vision.

As a result, the players will possess greater awareness on and off the ball and "see the game" more clearly - enabling them to anticipate the play, make better decisions and do the right thing, at the right time.

Digital Video Runtime: 68 mins

About Kevin McGreskin - The Soccer eyeQ Coaching Expert

Highly respected as one of the top field vision and game awareness specialists in the country, Kevin is the Technical Director at Soccer eyeQ.


Kevin holds the prestigious UEFA A Licence qualification through three different national associations - English FA, Irish FA and Welsh FA.

Kevin has an impressive record of delivering clinics and workshops across the UK to professional and semi-professional clubs, from Academy to First Team level, as well as successfully presenting on the prestigious UEFA Pro Licence and UEFA A Licence courses.

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