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Tactics Manager Software - Upgrade Only
Tactics Manager Upgrade Only


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1 PC/Mac UPGRADE Licence
2 PC/Mac UPGRADE Licence [Add £5.00]
3 PC/Mac UPGRADE Licence [Add £10.00]
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5 PC/Mac UPGRADE Licence [Add £20.00]


Tactics Manager 2.6

Upgrade to 2.6 from 1.9 for just £6
(2.0-2.5 users it's free to upgrade to 2.6)

  • Delete, Copy/Paste, Undo with keyboard keys
  • Move objects with arrow keys
  • Modify lines after drawing
  • Group objects
  • Copy and paste any object
  • Undo button
  • Switch off goals independently
  • Overall interface redesign
  • Save to PDF Drills/Sessions
  • 64 Extra Player actions
  • 160 Goalkeeper actions
  • 19 Additional Pitch Angles
  • Pitch Options - Change Grass Striped Vertcal / Horizintal etc..
  • Zoom in on any Pitch Area
  • Your Coach info on all Save to PDF Drills / Sessions

See it in action

Watch the video below to see a full demo of the software

Features of Tactics Manager

24 Pitch Planning Angles in 2D and 3D

Full, 3-quater, half, and third pitch options, different grid options, circle all in 2D and 3D. Pitch lines and goals can be switched on/off

Players fully customisable

Full 360 rotation, change player action; walk, jog, run, pass, shoot, receive. Change kit colours, ddd/remove names, scale big/small.

Equipment fully customisable

Balls, cones, goals, poles, hurdles, speed ladders, speed rings and mannequines. Rotate in multiple directions, scale and change colour

Line Tools

There are 12 types of line tools, arrows, solid line, dashed, straight, curved, and wiggley lines. Change colour, size and direction.

Square and Circle Highligher Tools

Highlight circluar and right angled areas of the pitch, you can set the line, fill colour and transparency too.

Text Tool

You can write onto the pitch and set the colour, size of the text as well as the style (Bold, Italiac and/or Underlined).

Copy, Paste, Undo... Super Quick!

Copy and paste and object to make creating practices lightning quick. Make a mistake, no issue, press undo!

Multi-Group Select Objects

Select multiple objects to move, copy/paste or change colour at once. Saves time, its easy and super quick to use.

Easy file and folder management

Manage/organise your files (practices and sessions) and folders into your chosen categories. Add/delete folder and sub-folder categories.

Order objects to back and front

Layer objects (players, equipment and tools) to appear just how you want - use the "Send to Back" or "Front" buttons

Print, Save to PDF, Export to JPEG

Print drills and sessions to paper and PDF (free converter needed) in partial or full colour. Export diagrams to JPEG.

Session Planner Tool

Quickly and easily plan your sessions adding 1, 2, 3 or 4 diagram practices per page. Save, edit, view and print in full or partial colour.

Import/Export Working Files

You can export your working files and share them with other Tactics Manager users who can also import them.

Upload and Share your Practices Online

Upload your practices online to Total Team Manager Pro (subscription needed). Share with your Team members, or for public access.

Training Notes

To acompany your practices, add training notes; name, age/level, duration, objective, description, coaching points and progression.

Team Formations and Match Notes

Quickly create your team formation 5 v 5 to 11 v 11 for match days. Plan team line-up, set-plays, opponents, and more.

User Reviews of Tactics Manager
Thomas McGrail - Sheffield, UK

A purchased the software about 9 months ago and have found this a key part in my coaching. Great for creating different sessions for any coach working within football. Also very user friendly and simple to use. Excellent product.

Kit - Woodland Hills, CA United States

I have recently tried a few different computer applications to allow me to create, save and print soccer drills and layouts. Tactics Manager is far and away the best product I have used...There is no competition. Thanks for a great product!

Luke Hardy - Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Excellent piece of software, very user friendly and very practical coaching aid I have recommened it to a number of other coaches.

Terry Harvey - Centre of Excellence Director (UK), Coventry City Ladies FCs

Tactics manager software is now part of our Centre of Excellence coaching programme. This superb easy to use software has given us another coaching tool which improves players learning and game understanding. We have used this programme to improve players understanding of tactics, set pieces and skill based drills. A must for all football clubs.

Martin Ireland - UEFA 'B' Licensed Coach (UK)

As a coach of a non-league step 2 club, my time and that of the players is paramount. In the past I have experimented with coaching software but found it to be slower and more cumbersome than pen and paper and so ultimately reverted back. Tactics Manager is different as it is more straight forward and slicker in the design stage and this makes it a workable solution for me. On the occasions I have needed support it has been of the highest quality and the system, though already excellent evolves continuously. I shall recommend it.

Tactics Manager FAQs
Q: Is Tactics Manager a one-time only purchase?

Yes! You download it, install it, activate it and you keep it for life

Q: Can I download, install and activate Tactics Manager immediately after purchase?

Yes. Immediately after purchase you will receive your product activate product key via email.

Q: What happens if I change my PC / Mac or have an accident?

No problem, you can de-activate your licence from within the application and this will enable you to activate it on your new PC or Mac using the same product key. In the unlikely event that you have a hard drive faliure then no problem, we will reset your lience key so you can activate on your new PC or Mac.

Q: How many computers can I use Tactics Manager on?

Tactics Manager comes with 1 PC/Mac licence. We offer additional licences at a discounted rate (£24 or $35 USD each) so you can use it on additional computers.

Q: Can I use Tactics Manager on my iPad or Android Tablet device?

Currently no as iOS and Android are completely different platforms, however we are work on an iPad and Android Tablet version. Please check back later

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 23  Write a review.

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Tactics manager software upgrade October 28, 2017
By: Anonymous Person  
I am very happy with this upgrade. It's more easy  to do and save the drills.

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Manager February 19, 2016
By: Anonymous Person  
100 % happy with my new products👍

Was this review helpful to you?

Scouting Diagrams January 24, 2016
By: Geoff Seal from Walsall, West Midlands United Kingdom  
I use this programme to produce scouting diagrams for a Football League club and find it excellent.

Was this review helpful to you?

Added additional licence January 6, 2016
By: James Wilson from Bristol, Bristol UA United Kingdom  
easy to set up, customer service and speed of email querys was superb

Was this review helpful to you?

developments November 22, 2015
By: JŠnos Kvanduk from Hungary  
The developments are great. It's a very usefull, and simply manageable software. It's a big helpin the preparation every day.

Was this review helpful to you?

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